WOBOCO Resources

There are many reasons to get a WOBOCO box. Some want it to declutter the mess of technology, some to form a gentle barrier between them and their phone, and some because it’s beautiful and sparks more joy than a regular cable. Whoever you are, we hope to support you toward your goals.

When using the box to use our phones less, we found it helpful to set an intention for box use.

For example, decide that you’ll put your phone in WOBOCO when you get home from work until after your kids go to bed, or that you’ll take a digital Sabbath Friday night to Saturday night.  Setting an intention strengthens the effect of the box. Once started, we find the effect expands into other times that we used our phones less.

Placement is crucial to success.

Many people enjoy having WOBOCO in their kitchen. It’s easy to put in and take out and get that phone charged up without any cords to deal with. For people who most strongly want to get off their device you might enjoy the entry way.  Either way, move it around until you find the perfect place and consider how your intention matches with your placement.

We recommend these books, articles, apps and organizations for people who are looking to get off their devices

  • How to Break Up With Your Phone is a great and accessible first read by Catherine Price.  This New York Times article is a nice synopsis to wet your whistle.
  • In The Art of Screen Time Anya Kamenetz describes a simple and straightforward approach to help parents handle screens in this modern age.  Her suggestion after lots of research and interviews boils down to: “Enjoy Screens. Not too much. Mostly with others.”  This Guardian article offers a nice introduction.
  • Interested how phones are impacting kids?  Jean Twenge has studied that extensively and writes about it in the Atlantic, and in the book iGen
  • Moment App (https://inthemoment.io) is an iOS screen time tracker and coach to help you use your phone less.
  • Siempo (http://www.getsiempo.com) is an Android home screen system manager to help make your phone more mindful of its user.

We just love good woodworking. Here are people we are inspired by

Many thanks to our friends Wood Design By DeMeules (our own box mentors) and http://www.fourqtr.com/ who have inspired us for years with their furniture.