Welcome to WOBOCO.  We’re excited you’ve come along for this journey.  

How do I use WOBOCO?

Plug in your box and place your phone in its Phone Home on the WOBOCO lightning bolt. Compatible phone models will automatically begin charging. (see more below).

Just like us humans, our phones need a rest too. The Phone Home is a place for both you and your tiny computer to take a moment to recharge. Pairing wireless phone charging technology with a handcrafted wooden box, the Phone Home holds space for you to come into the present moment and expand into your joyful mind.

This guide will help you quickly learn how to use your Phone Home.

Do I have to plug it in?

You plug in your box, but not your phone. Your phone will charge when it is placed on the WOBOCO lightning bolt inside the box.

Does this charge as fast as my regular phone charger?

There are all kinds of “regular” phone chargers, so this is tricky to answer.  In many cases, yes.


Is my phone compatible with this technology and box?

If your phone supports wireless charging, then YES.  This includes most Android devices, as well as the iPhone 8 and X families. Most phones that don’t support wireless charging can be used with a special case that acts as an adapter.  iPhone users can purchase a case to make your phone compatible with Phone Home here or here.  Android users should search for “[PhoneMake/Model] Qi wireless charge case”.


If you use a magnet in your phone case (for your car mount) you may need to move the magnet so it’s not over the center of the rear of your phone-- just move it to the corner.


How can this bring me to a more present state of mind?

We all seem to function better when boundaries are clear. With the Phone Home, you can tuck your phone out of sight while knowing exactly where it is, and that it’ll be fully charged when you’re ready for it. All of those factors combine to remove the mental energy expended on thinking about your phone and free up space for you to be here now.


How does this clean up my mess of cables?

When you use WOBOCO, you won’t have to plug and unplug your phone each time you charge it.  You just place it in Phone Home and it’s charging. In our home, we make a point of using Phone Home whenever we put our phone down, cleaning up the mess of the phone itself.  If the back of your box is flush against a wall, you won’t see any cables. Voila, mess gone.


What’s the difference between Phone Home Basic and Phone Home Landing Station?

The Phone Home Basic fits a phone on its own. This is a great option for those who like to charge their phones overnight while they sleep, or want to have a space from their phone while focusing on projects & family time.


The Phone Home Landing Station has space for a wallet & key alongside your phone. This is a great option for those who want to drop all of their important items in one place when they arrive home - liberating even more mental space. With the Landing Station, you can trust that you won’t need to search for your keys or phone when you’re ready to leave.

How long is the cord?

We ship Phone Home with a 3’ USB cord.  If you need a longer one, any micro-usb cable will work.


What are the box dimensions?

The Phone Home Basic is 9x6x3 inches (outer dimensions).

The Phone Home Landing Station is 12x6x3 inches (outer dimensions).


What are the technical specs of the charger?

Phone Home comes with a QC2.0 USB charger, which can provide 5, 9, or 12V at a max of 18W.  The boxes are able to take 5-9V as input and can output 7.5/10W respectively. Using our charger will help you get 10W rather than 7.5W.


Can I use a cube from a different phone charger with my Phone Home or do I need to use the large cube you provide?

You can use your own, and any USB charger will work, but we recommend you get a QC2.0 or better Quick USB charger.  Your Phone Home will charge most phones faster with one of these. If you don’t use ours you can find one at Amazon, Best Buy, Target or some other electronics store.

If my phone isn’t compatible is there still a way to make the box work for me?

Yes!  There are wireless charging compatible cases for most devices.  They run about $15-25 and are easy to find online. Just search “QI wireless charging case for [Phone make] [Phone model” and you’ll likely find one for your phone.

What kinds of phone cases are compatible with WOBOCO?


  • Phone cases that are made out of plastic, wood, rubber, leather or other non-metallic materials are compatible.  Thinner cases are better than thicker ones.


Not Compatible

  • Phone cases that contain external batteries, electronics or heavy duty metal probably are blocking the signals needed to charge the phone.  
  • If you have one of those magnetic things for your car with a black magnetic metal piece that you slip into your phone case, you’ll need to make sure that it’s not placed over the center of the back of your phone.  Move it to the corner instead.

How fast does the wireless charge system charge?

It depends on a few factors, such as your phone model, and the case you’ve put on your phone.  Ensuring the phone is well lined up with the charger makes a difference too.


Many phones (iPhones 8, 8+ and X included) will charge a little faster with a WOBOCO box than they will with a standard USB charger.  Some Android phones will charge pretty much the same rate as a double fast USB charger.


If the phone seems to be charging really slowly, something is probably not aligned well or working correctly.  Try the troubleshooting steps we list above.

Why are you called WOBOCO?

WOoden BOx COmpany!  We’re really into names that mean exactly what they say.

Holy smokes, you guys are geniuses! I love this. How do I get a WOBOCO Phone Home for my all of my favorite people?

On our website! Call us or email info@woboco.com for big orders.

Direct feedback to feedback@woboco.com, we look forward to hearing from you

For a full set of instructions go to our manual.