Good Evening WOBOCO

Goodnight phone.

WOBOCO phone chargers clear the mental and physical clutter in your life, so you can relax and recharge. Put your iPhone or Android device in its WOBOCO box and leave it to charge, out of sight, out of mind.

 Life is richer when you focus on the present. Your WOBOCO creates a gentle barrier between you and your screen, making it easier to rest and connect in the present moment.

Your charging station has never felt so good.

WOBOCO charges phones without the clutter of cords.  We hide our charging system inside a handcrafted wooden box, creating a technology product your grandparents would recognize.  Each wooden box is made in America from American-grown hardwoods and lined with American suede. WOBOCO is a beautiful addition to your home and will last far longer than the phone you’re likely using to read this website right now. This is no easily replaced phone accessory - the WOBOCO will grace your home or office for a good long time to come.

Simply place your phone in your box and take a rest from your device. When you return it will be charged and ready for you.

Put Your Phone to Rest

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